Will You Like Working From Your House

By Pamela Castle

Have you been dreaming of leaving behind your commute and attempting to start at at home business? It may sound wonderful at first. No commute, wearing your sweats all day, no time clock to punch, and lunch for as long as you want. You can pick up the kids at school and even have time to make cookies for the soccer team. What about this plan needs a second look?

Many people think it will be blissful to be on your own. There are no annoying co-workers around to distract you and talk your ear off about things you don’t care about. There is no one looking over your shoulder telling you want to do. On the other side of the coin, working alone from home all day long is very, very lonely. There is no one to chat with when you need a break.You are by yourself all day long. It can get very boring. Lots of people who have worked at home for any amount of time realize that they need human contact. Schedule a walk or coffee with a friend, go out to do an errand during the day, just to break up the monotony. Consider joining a gym even if you have a treadmill at home, just for the social interaction.

An additional problem with working at home by yourself is keeping up the motivation. There is no one around to challenge you, or to inspire you to do better. It is hard to stay focused and determined day in and day out, when you are sitting on your own in a room. Depending on exactly what kind of work you do, connect with other people in your industry. Talk to them and collaborate with them on any issues they might be having. Talk about your successes and challenges. Talk about how you are dealing with certain things. Two head are better than one sometimes, and even a nice pat on the back can sometimes make a big difference.

Every little thing that gets done occurs for one reason. The fact that you did it! This can be an extremely gratifying sensation, but it can likewise be frustrating and stressful. One remedy for this would be to outsource some of the work that you don’t enjoy doing. With more people working from home nowadays, there are numerous virtual assistants offered out there to assist with these jobs. When you need help with a task, sometimes outsourcing can be the quickest solution..

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