Applying Off Page Optimization the Right Way

Search engine traffic can’t be missed whether you’re a webmaster, internet marketer, or a blogger. Focusing on off page SEO factors can help you rank high in the search engines.

Essentially, you need to pay attention to getting a larger number of backlinks from websites that have a high page ranking. The motivation for this is, search engines such as Google lay a great amount of highlighting of the foundation of the backlink and give it significance according to that. So it you pick up a backlink from a site that is a PR 6 – it’s perceptibly going to tell the search engines that your website is vital enough to get a backlink from a high page rank site. Even if the backlink you’re getting form is a site that has a nominal PR, it still has merit for linking to that a site that doesn’t have any PR.

Another important SEO factor is your site map, which should have anchor text that contains your main keywords. You want the search engine spiders to be able to find all the pages on your site with no difficulties, and your site map makes this possible. The site map makes your site’s contents clearly visible to the search engines so nothing is overlooked. So if you haven’t created one for your site, it’s about time you do it. The number of pages and overall size of your site may also have implications for SEO, but not everyone agrees on this point. On the one hand, with a larger site you have more pages and content to rank for, yet many site owners who know what they’re doing also manage to rank their small sites highly too.

The way to deal with this issue is to experiment and see what’s working out with you. If you start with a small site, do all your SEO tasks, and still don’t get the ranking you want, then you should see if you can do better by increasing the size. The more you test, the better.

Google and other leading search engines pay close attention to the kind of traffic that comes to your pages, in terms of quantity and quality. Your site’s importance can be partly judged by how many unique visitors it gets every day, so the search engines watch this. The fact that visitors are coming to your site is important, though they have to be actual visitors rather than clicks you get from bots, and the length of time visitors stay on your pages is also relevant. All of these factors add up when it comes to how the search engines view the value of your site. You also need to make sure all the site you link to are legitimate and are not spammy. Search engines are very particular about spammy looking websites and getting a backlink from such a site will make your website look bad by association. Having good neighbors is necessary, and nothing could be more true than that when it comes to SEO. So the websites you link to need to be relevant to your site as well as being reputable and genuine. There are several factors that need to be focused on when dealing with search engine optimization. You will get the best results with your off page SEO by applying what you’ve learned here immediately.

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