Why You Must Pay Attention to Your Blog’s Link Structure

If you have a blog, and want to plaster it at the top of page one, then you are going to need good backlinks. On the other hand, you do not often see much written about the link structure for the site which are considered as internal linking. The purpose of this article is to give you a clear idea on how you too can build an effective internal linking structure on your blog easily.

You can gain more relevancy with your internal links just by how you use and position them. Take care to avoid linking too much to any one page from a certain page. For example, adding a ‘Read More’ link under your blog post title that already links to main post is nothing but redundancy. Your anchor text should not be so general as to create confusion. Also, keep in mind that your readers are the most important people, and that is why you have site navigation in the first place. So as you see, this is one very easy step you can put into action right away on your site. You always want your chosen keywords to be clearly seen in your blog URLs, and so for that reason just stick to absolute over relative. If you hope to rank highly in the serps, then this is highly recommended for that reason, alone. In addition to that, if your content gets copied by someone without your permission, you’ll at least have the internal links pointing back to your blog. This is a standard practice by people who know and understand the issues at hand.

If you are new to making blogs, then you need to know about site maps and why you should use them. People use site maps mainly for search engine considerations and SEO, although maybe someone might use it to find a page. Now, we’re not referring to XML site maps here, although they are important too, but a site map that is created to guide your visitors and point them to the important links. So much is automated with WordPress blogs including generating a useable site map with the appropriate plugin. It is not 100% necessary to have a readable site map, but it will help people if they want to use it. Another nice thing about the plugin in is it will automatically update itself when you add new content to your blog. Take care to get the internal linking plan as right as possible, and use these points to help with that. It is a fact that the more you do for your blog, your search positions will slowly inch up more and more. There is little doubt that the slow improvements will bring you more targeted traffic.

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