Traffic Generation Strategies – Ones You Need To Know

By Steve Ridgeway

Every successful Internet Marketer knows the key to good profits lies in generating traffic. You might have built a great website. You might be offering a seriously good-value product or service. Even if you think you’re doing everything right, you still might be making nothing. Do you know why? Because you aren’t bringing in enough traffic. No matter how great your site or your proposition, if people don’t know about them, they can’t buy from you. So what should you do to attract more traffic? You can use some very simple tips to draw in traffic easily. You might prefer to be a bit more creative about your own traffic generation methods. So here are some simple tips that also let you flex your creativity while you attract more traffic.

You know how there are sites online that you can post questions on? One of these sites is the very popular Yahoo! Answers. Another one of these sites is LinkedIn. Why not create profiles on these sites and submit answers to the questions others have posted? This gives you a chance to showcase your expertise. This helps you prove that you want to help, even when helping doesn’t earn you any money. And, since you get to have a profile, you are going to be able to link to your projects and if you are lucky both funnel traffic to those projects and turn that traffic into a dedicated customer base.

It is possible to market your products using Twitter – you know this! Why not simply be social on Twitter? Find a chat that is niche-centric and contribute. Join in the conversation! Have a little fun! Your business can really blossom if you are able to share your expertise in areas that are the topic of discussion. Remember, people are more likely to support the people they think are funny or enjoyable to talk to. These are a great way to not only get to know people, but to share information abroad. No one is a loser!

Make a blog. Blogs tend to ‘attract’ traffic to them. Even without your having to do a bunch of promotion, you will get eyes on your blog. Your business can prosper as you get more and more blogs that get traffic and lead to your money sites. The nice thing about a blog is that it doesn’t have to be as formal as other types of content. Blogs are about communication and personality. They are simple and have a direct purpose. The bottom line is that you need to create blogs right now. What you create them, you can start generating traffic to your regular websites every day. Change your tactics whenever you can.

You should find plenty of options available for generating the right traffic you want for your site. You might find some deliver results right away, while others take a little longer to show results. Many IMers believe that you can’t get bad traffic, as every visitor is a potential sale. Every single targeted visitor you attract could become a potential source of more profit. So give your creative streak a work out and let your imagination help you along.

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