Sick of empty promises?

Hi Robert

How many times have you been convinced that the
“guru” of the month is giving you the complete
solution for your online business only to find
out, AFTER you’ve handed over your cash, that
you’re missing important pieces of the puzzle?

Yep. Me too.

So when I set out to create my own viral mailer
software, I was determined to create something
with real substance and that would, most
importantly, provide my customers with a COMPLETE
package that they can use to start a genuinely
profitable business.

The result?

The LFM Viral Mailer includes:

– The complete script to run your own viral
mailer built on the sturdy, reputable LFM
membership script.

– All the login offers, one-time-offers and sales
copy, pre-written so you can get up and running

– Comprehensive technical and hosting software;
we aim to respond to all tickets within 24 hours.

– An optional installation service, just in case
you’re nervous about the technical stuff.

– A built-in payment system so you can link it to
your favourite payment provider and take payments
from your customers.

In fact, in the interests of full disclosure, the
only thing I haven’t included, for licensing
reasons that are beyond my control, are the
images. But these can be easily obtained from any
stock image website.

If you’re ready to launch your own profitable,
online business and want to get your hands on a
complete package that REALLY is a complete
package, then click below to get started:

Live the dream
Robert Root

P.S. This package even includes a private
members’ group so you can network with other
users and set up joint ventures. When I said this
was a complete package, I wasn’t exaggerating:


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