You’re making it difficult for yourself

Hi Robert

I get a bit fed up of smug gurus insisting the
real money is in creating your own products.

Not because they’re wrong but because there’s a
much easier way which is even more profitable.

Consider…Who do you think makes more money?

1) The wannabe author who self-publishes his book
on Amazon.


2) Amazon.

Obviously the answer’s Amazon, but what does that
tell you? That selling to a market is profitable, but
providing the service that POWERS the market
puts you light-years ahead of everyone else.

Instead of just profiting from your own venture,
you get a piece of EVERYBODY’S action!

In a rush? Click below to discover the amazing
new service that you can run as your own private

I love being a service provider to other
entrepreneurs. Not only does it require less
setup time, but it’s the perfect model for
creating a recurring income.

Once your customers are used to using your
service regularly, they’ll do everything they can
to ensure they remain a member.

Of course, there are lots of different kinds of
services you can offer to the Internet Marketing
community but one of the most persistently
popular over the last few years is the viral

It taps into everyone’s need to build a list and,
from an admin point of view, it’s one of the
simplest services to manage.

Forget the time, stress and headaches of trying
to create and market your own product; click
below and, in a matter of hours, you can have
your own profitable, viral mailer service ready
to go.


Live the dream
Robert Root

P.S. Why profit from one list when you can have
a piece of EVERYONE’S list:


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